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Supervision Feedback

The following is feedback from previous supervisees who have given consent for their comments to be published, to reflect their experience of supervision with Kirsty:

“This was my first experience of supervision so I did not know what to expect before starting. However, I felt very much at ease with Kirsty, which gave me the opportunity to learn and explore in depth what it was I needed from supervision. It was important for me as a student counsellor to have a supervisor who would be patient with me if or when needed, and I felt Kirsty certainly did this. I really enjoyed the creativity of the Sand Tray and I am still in awe of its power to bring the subconscious to life!”
“I found this supervision experience very rewarding. I was extremely well supported, and knew help was at hand whenever I needed it. Kirsty was very supportive of my own practice, but also challenged me in so many ways and also enabled me to view my own practice from an alternative position.”
“It was during my first counselling placement that I first met Kirsty, my appointed supervisor. Seeing clients for the first time is a daunting and anxiety provoking stage for any counselling student. The need for a considered, capable and empathic supervisor is crucial if the student is to put their theoretical knowledge into ethical and informed practice. Kirsty not only has these qualities, but also is able to convey a sense of warmth, realness and understanding – welcome friends during challenging times. Kirsty’s ability to ‘see’ my blind spots and suggest interventions was a lifting experience together with the non-defensive manner she would respond to my challenges. I will be forever grateful to Kirsty for her guidance and her encouragement to believe in myself.”
“Kirsty’s gift to me was to enable me to develop a firm sense of ‘self’ and the positive role that plays in the therapist/client encounter as well as to trust my strong sense of intuition for future practice.”
“The biggest thing I will take forward would be that I would like to go on in the future to do some in-depth training on creative therapy.”
“My contracting process is one area which certainly benefitted from this experience, and this is definitely one thing which I will take forward. I’m also more aware of transference and counter-transference issues in my work as a result of this experience, and is something I will use to further develop my own practice.”
“The whole experience was excellent for me and I cannot think of anything that could have improved the experience.”
“To say ‘Thank you’ doesn’t seem enough. My experience with Kirsty has been an extremely positive one which kept me focused and looking forward to qualifying…..Thank you!”
“I would like to thank Kirsty for all the help and support she has given me, and look forward to being able to work with her again in the future.”
“Thanks for everything Kirsty”