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Sandtray Training

Sand Tray Training

Kirsty Bilski, Director of Way Forward Counselling Services,  has used sandtray as a psychotherapeutic tool in therapy sessions and supervision throughout her career. She originally trained with Ken Rabone at the Iron Mill Institute in Exeter (Now Iron Mill College), and has gained an extensive knowledge and understanding of this approach as well as awareness of underpinning theory. She has written academically about the efficacy of sandtray in therapy as well as its use in Supervision. Kirsty has also completed research surrounding the different theoretical models of supervision and how they might be applied to working with sandtray in a supervisory context. Kirsty is also currently working on a PhD research project involving the use of sand with adolescent clients.

Broadly speaking there are two main theoretical strands to working with a sandtray, one originating from the early work of Margaret Lowenfeld, the other from the later work of Dora Kallf. The approach associated with its earlier use tends to be (not exclusively so) known as 'Sandtray Therapy', the later approach is known as 'Sandplay Therapy' being more associated with a Jungian Analytical approach.

Kirsty's approach to using sand in therapy and supervision uses an integrative theory base and is particularly aimed at safe and ethical practice. Sandtray is a powerful medium which requires attention to detail and practitioner awareness in order to hold the space appropriately. 

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